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We're collecting photographs and other interesting things, like news articles, memorable marks of history in our community, together. If you'd like to submit something that your neighbors would appreciate, please send an email to our webmaster.

EBPCA 2nd Annual Dumpster Day - Saturday, November 19

EBPCA Dumpster Day Photo 1EBPCA Dumpster Day Photo 2

Thanks to all who participated & helped us fill our dumpsters!

EBPCA Celebrates National Night Out - Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A BIG Thanks to our sponsors: Bi-Rite Supermarket, Dunkin' Donuts & Giant Food. Be sure to show them all some love! Another BIG Thanks to Officer Rawleigh and his crew, Fullerton Firehouse and Councilwoman Cathy Bevins for taking time to join us. Finally, to Party Marty for the fun filled bounce house. And Thanks to our neighbors -- we appreciate you most!

EBPCA Stream Cleaning - Saturday, April 24

Even though Mother Nature made us reschedule our stream clean, Elmwood Elementary Principal Jeffrey Hogan, his children and Elmwood resident Mike Kratovil were able to remove some trash. Thank you!

Christmas Lights Around The Neighborhood

May 2015 Stream Cleaning-View Photos