Citizens On Patrol

The Citizens on Patrol program is a very effective crime prevention tool for EBPCA. Evidence shows that a C.O.P. program drastically reduces crime and suspicious activity. It will enhance the overall quality of life in the community. Additionally, having a C.O.P. sends a strong message that residents care about their community and are united. Together we act as additional "eyes and ears" for our local police officers.

Participating in the EBPCA C.O.P. will open a new line of communication to your neighbors, forming long term partnerships and friendships. Want to join us? Send an email to our C.O.P. coordinator. And thanks for helping to keep EBPCA a safe place to live, work & play!


In an effort to help keep our neighborhood safe, the EBPCA board is utilizing the online services offered by NextDoor to create a private group for crime prevention. This group will be by invitation only. Each member will be verified by Baltimore County Police Department. Since the police can’t be everywhere all the time, we can be there to assist, watching and reporting suspicious activity in our neighborhood. For our neighbors who want to help keep our community safe, this group will be a great way to get involved. You must have access to the Internet and be a member of our Nextdoor website. This group will not replace calling 911. We encourage everyone to call 911 immediately when a crime is witnessed. Informing our community through posting an Urgent Alert on Nextdoor should only be done after 911 has been called. If you are interested in joining this group please email your full name, address, and phone number to We will contact you to discuss additional details, including your verification by Baltimore County Police Department. Thank you for your interest and commitment to our community.

Our community officer is Officer Brian DeHart with Baltimore County Police Departments Community Outreach Team at the White Marsh Precinct. You can contact Officer DeHart by email or by calling 410-887-5035.

Baltimore County also offers another way to help ensure EBPCA stays safe through their website, Click on "I want to report..." then "Report". Or you can send an email to

Report drug activity to the Community Drug Unit (Precinct 9) at 410-887-5030/5031. Or email Officer DeHart (tag numbers, descriptions of person(s) or vehicle(s)).